Story: Mozart and Beethoven in India

In January 2020, just before the pandemic started, I had the pleasure of touring India for the first time. I was delighted to be invited by the wonderful Symphony Orchestra of India Chamber Orchestra and by the prestigious cocert series in Pune to perform Mozart and Beethoven.

It was a great pleasure to discover such a high level of an orchestra, and the work and performances were very intense and fruitful.The first week was dedicated to performing Mozart’s Concerto K.415 in two venues in Mumbai. This concerto has a strings and piano version, as well as a full version. Conductor Mikel Toms has written a very beautiful arrangement combing strings and winds and we had the opportunity to perform them twice to a sold out house.

The next week I had given a solo recital in Pune. This recital series has been an attraction to many established concert pianists and it is unique by the fact that it offers a free entrance to people to come and listen to western classical music. As it was a Beethoven year I did an all Beethoven piano recital with the first sonata , the “Tempest” and the last sonata op. 111.
The recital was received with beautiful enthusiasm. Many younger people came to the back stage. The most moving moment was when one of them told me it is the first time he hears Beethoven’s music. What a unique feeling to be the person who can open the world of this music to new audiences!
I’m looking forward to returning to India.

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