Article: Yossi Reshef and Beethoven’s 3rd Piano concerto Op. 37

The Beethoven third piano concerto holds a special place for me, for many reasons: it is one of the first piano concertos i ever learned and probably more importantly, it embodies a scope of emotions and moods that are to me, the scope of the human experience. From the dramatic opening, the piece goes immediately into sadness and melancholy, shifting between dance and virtousity, and moments of absolute lyricism. I think the emotional experience is best experienced in the cadenza of the first movement: it goes from drama into the tragic, like a free improvisation (although Beethoven wrote it as an absolute version of performance), depicting all the elements of the first movement and predicting the dance elements of the vigorous and energetic last movement.

Listen here to the cadenza of my live performance with the Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra with Rauf Abdulayev conducting (Due to copyright laws I can only upload the cadenza)

Beethoven – Piano Concerto No. 3 1. Movement: Cadenza